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Friday, November 16, 2012

Miracle Pill to lose weight?

OK, so I admit I've tried numerous weight loss pills to help me keep a nice shape, there was one particular one, I think it was called Extreme Pearl White Slimming Pills, that made me lose up to 30 lbs in a month and a half, also made my reflection of my skin brighter. I used to take 2 caps 1 hour before lunch, and 2 1 hour before dinner. I ate whatever I wanted, and I still lost weight. It wasn't a very bad price either, it was like $27 for a bottle of 30, but it worked miracles. Friends and Family were astonished by my results and some even questioned me about being anorexic. I can assure you, I was far from that. I loved food and this pill was perfect! Lots of my friends were on it and they saw results extremely quick also.

One thing I didn't check on was if it was safe and if it was legal, as I was getting it through a private source. The pills originated in China, and were being sold in numerous parts of Asia and Europe. ( No wonder asians have nice skin, lol)

I continued to take these "miracle pills" for 3 months, I was loving my body, I could wear whatever I wanted, walked the beach with a 2 piece, (mind you, I have 3 children), I looked great! I loved the attention I was getting. Then one day, my "private source" had to cut off all her customers because shipping it to Hawaii wasn't going to happen anymore. I was so upset and actually scared of gaining the weight back. Eventually as the months pasts, I did gain the weight back, and so much more on top of that. I wasn't eating healthy, had a few drinks with the girlfriends every now and then, and unfortunately the weight came back and stayed.

So from now on, NO MORE DIET PILLS for me. Exercising on a daily basis and watching what I eat is all I'm gonna do to stay fit. At least when my weight goes down, it'll stay down, and I can say I did it on my own.

Swai fish for lunch

Lunch time came fast today, so I needed something quick and simple, and something to fuel my body for a workout later. So, I made breaded swai fish with a side of vegetables. Usually us locals love to eat everything with rice, but, being a diet, I had to cut that out. Swai fish is very yummy, and the meat is very tender and moist no matter how you cook it, also good on the wallet. I don't really like putting too much salt on my food that's why I breaded it with gluten free bread crumbs. Fish is very easy, and fast to make, so this meal was perfect for my busy day.

Last nights Dinner

So this is what I had for dinner last night. Chicken Stirfry. Very popular on the islands. It was simple to make, and easy on my wallet. I just cut up some chicken breasts into small pieces, lightly salt them, then as they browned, I added frozen vegetable..It was the C&W stirfry brand, where the veggies are already seasoned. Boy was it delicious, my son even ate it, which surprised me cause he don't like to eat anything, so it was a double plus for me.

Treat my sweet tooth with some fruits!

I have the biggest sweet tooth than anyone out there. I'm sure of it. But I try to live a healthy lifestyle. I have cheat days, but when I don't I endulge into the most delicious fruits, strawberries, kiwis, blackberries, etc. Luckily for me, living in Hawaii, lots of the fruits I buy are home grown and I get to support local farmers also.