Friday, November 16, 2012

Miracle Pill to lose weight?

OK, so I admit I've tried numerous weight loss pills to help me keep a nice shape, there was one particular one, I think it was called Extreme Pearl White Slimming Pills, that made me lose up to 30 lbs in a month and a half, also made my reflection of my skin brighter. I used to take 2 caps 1 hour before lunch, and 2 1 hour before dinner. I ate whatever I wanted, and I still lost weight. It wasn't a very bad price either, it was like $27 for a bottle of 30, but it worked miracles. Friends and Family were astonished by my results and some even questioned me about being anorexic. I can assure you, I was far from that. I loved food and this pill was perfect! Lots of my friends were on it and they saw results extremely quick also.

One thing I didn't check on was if it was safe and if it was legal, as I was getting it through a private source. The pills originated in China, and were being sold in numerous parts of Asia and Europe. ( No wonder asians have nice skin, lol)

I continued to take these "miracle pills" for 3 months, I was loving my body, I could wear whatever I wanted, walked the beach with a 2 piece, (mind you, I have 3 children), I looked great! I loved the attention I was getting. Then one day, my "private source" had to cut off all her customers because shipping it to Hawaii wasn't going to happen anymore. I was so upset and actually scared of gaining the weight back. Eventually as the months pasts, I did gain the weight back, and so much more on top of that. I wasn't eating healthy, had a few drinks with the girlfriends every now and then, and unfortunately the weight came back and stayed.

So from now on, NO MORE DIET PILLS for me. Exercising on a daily basis and watching what I eat is all I'm gonna do to stay fit. At least when my weight goes down, it'll stay down, and I can say I did it on my own.

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